Tower Painting Contractor

As your premier tower painting contractor, we send our highly skilled and experienced team members to your site.

Tower Painting ContractorIf you look up at your city’s water tower and wish the colors were vibrant, or if you have some metal towers that need to be more visible at night, it can be difficult to determine how to get your towers looking their best. At Shane Davis Tower Painting, we have the expertise to paint your towers and make them look their best as your premier tower painting contractor.

  • Spray Painting – We use high-quality spray painting as the primary method of applying paint to your towers so they look their best. As your tower painting contractor, we’ll send our highly skilled and experienced team members to your site, and they will complete your job just like we have discussed.
  • Sand Blasting & Rust Removal – Sometimes your towers haven’t seen attention in quite some time, and it may seem impossible to get them back in shape. At Shane Davis Tower Painting, we have the tools to sand blast and remove rust prior to painting, so you will see a smooth finish and improved overall appearance.
  • Lead Paint Containment – We know now that lead paint can cause issues that weren’t previously acknowledged. It is also subject to peeling and cracking over time. If your towers were previously painted using lead-based paint, we can help to contain this hazard and add new paint products to improve the look and safety of your towers.

Don’t call another company that doesn’t have the experience and expertise you need. We are your first-choice tower painting contractor because we service local and remote areas throughout the county, have the skills and equipment needed for any job, and will work with you to provide free quotes and consultations. Contact us today when you need a tower painting company. We look forward to hearing from you.